Texas Hold’em is a popular variant of Poker across the world. Given Poker is one of the basic card games in gambling, variants and similar games sprung up in a plethora. Texas Hold’em originally came up in the early 20th century with slight variations in the standard Poker. 

No sooner by the late 1970s, it spread all across European and Eastern continents to become one of the easiest games for gambling amateurs. If you haven’t come across this variant or the game confuses you with Poker, here is a helping handle to understand the rules and the game. 

Texas Hold'em

The general setting of the game

Texas Hold’em is a multi-player game where several gamblers bet on a single table. For a game, a dealer is chosen, who can be the croupier or one of the players. There are two forced bets on the table, small and big, who bet for the minimum amounts. The big bet is twice the smaller one, and they are generally seated immediately left to the dealer. 

This type of Poker also has seven cards to deal with to make the profitable hands and win. However, the table divides the seven cards into two groups, two hole cards in the players’ hands and five board cards in the center.  

Among the community cards, the first three, called a Flop, are shown. The players have a chance to bet or combine using these. Successively the next round brings the fourth card, the Turn Card, and the fifth one the River Card to bet the other two rounds. 

Different hands in the game

As the dealer shows up the five community cards in the center, and two hidden cards are none of your choices, it might seem luck prevailing the game in a lot. However, as the best combination wins the entire cash, a better knowledge of the possible hands can help you gain the best. 

Among the best combinations, you can have a pair of the same value, two pairs of the same cards, three of the same kind, subsequent numbered cards, or the famous Royal Flush with cards 10 to ace. 

In these seven cards, you can use any five to make a winning combination. You have the choice among:

  • Two hold and three community cards

  • One hold and four community cards

  • All five community cards, if they make a good deal

However, to understand and quickly form the best hand combinations, you need to know all the possibilities forehand. As the community cards show up successively, the players can bet according to the other players’ bets on the round. 

community cards

How to bet?

The game’s sequence is similar to a standard Poker game. A dealer button indicates the dealer for the round, and the two players seated left to him are the forced bets. The dealer button passes clockwise on completion of every round to ensure all the players fairly fall into the forced bets at least once. 

The players have a chance to fold, call or raise the bets in variable amounts. All the players get a fair chance to group their cards and bring out a profitable hand of five. The round declares the winner, the one with the best combination among all the hands.